Alice Tapper - Doge Dogelito, photo Heidi Lammi-2

5-day competition behind NBCH 2021

Sunday morning started early with the CDI U25 freestyle Prix de NoShout. Luckily for the horses and their riders the weather in the morning was significantly cooler than on Saturday afternoon. The musical choices of the freestyle programs included some classic Disney songs and current hits. Coldplay songs have been one of the most played choices of the freestyle programs in this competition.

As anticipated Denmark continued with strong performances. Their riders took the first two places. Emma Skov with 73,295 % and Thea Bech with 72,295 %. Sweden took places three and four. 

The seniors’ freestyle already raised two Finns near to medals, but the Swedish Jennie Larsson greatly improved her performance on Saturday in her freestyle. Although there was a slight scatter in the jury’s points, the personal gold had been earned.

“I have been riding Zircoon Spring Flower when he was four years old and now, when he turned 17 years old, he came back to me on january. He means so much to me! He has good piaffe and passage. He has no weaknesses, only little trick is that he is so hot!”

The Danes Sanne Svendsen and Tine Mittag took silver and bronze, the Finnish Stella Hagelstam – Sangraal was a few tenths away from the bronze.

Also, the Para Dressage riders ended their competition week with their freestyle programs. Pia Reitti, who is preparing for the Paralympic Games this year, was able to score a better result today by placing second. Denmark’s Anne Mette Hasselstrom however did not give up on her victory and won gold today. She and Oestergaardens Deleight have been performing consistently and won all three classes. The owner of the horse Oestergaardens Deleight Camilla Christensen also competed today and was able to beat the Finnish riders.

Danish Duo: Anne Mette Hasselstrom and Camilla Christensen
Photo: Anniina Sinervo

Clara Roesgaard Kristensen of Denmark did a precise and flawless job riding her horse to the Ak’s Cavalina gold medal in CSI-J. Silver was ridden by Rikke Rusberg – Gezel and Sweden’s Ebba Kewenter took the third place with a difference of 0.5 points.

The personal championship of the young riders was competed in two rounds at an obstacle height of 140 cm. There was a tight competition between Caroline Rehoff Pedersen of Denmark and Linus Herzig of Sweden. Herzig took an annoying drop at the end of the course and the gold medal of Nordic and Baltic championship of young riders was taken by Pedersen with his horse Chaccieny. Third, right on the heels of Herzig, was Viktor Edvinsson from Sweden.

The day culminated in senior’s / U25’s class which ended with a Swedish party. Alice Tapper kept the poles up with Doge Dogelito. But also for Finland, the competition ended happily with medals, when Janna Jensen and Marina Ehrnrooth won silver and bronze.

Jennie Larsson – Zircoon Spring Flower
Photo Hanna Heinonen

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